Sunday, April 5, 2015

An "Egg"cellent Bath!

Since Baby E never got a bath the night before I decided that on Easter and even days that follow to give her a fun little Easter bath.

Can you guess what I did??

Well... I decided to take the Easter eggs that had been sitting out in the bucket and a few that were in her basket and place them in her bathtub.

I let the water fill up in the tub

I then placed Baby E in her tub and let her play away. She had an ABSOLUTE blast. We kicked the eggs everywhere, grabbed them, tried to eat them. You name it, she probably did it. In the end though, as we played and kicked; the eggs were flying over the side of the tub and ending in between the tubs. 

We definitely had a lot of fun and a possible new tradition for our Easter baths.

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