Friday, March 20, 2015

Easter Bunny Tin Can

Can you believe Easter is this late in the year...

A long time ago my mama and I found a fun activity for Easter. Of course, I don't remember where we got the activity from... I think it was from some magazine about 10+ years ago.

To complete this cute little tin can here's what you need:

* white felt (or other desired color) ~*~ this is for the bunny ~*~
* pink and black markers
* any color acrylic paint
* cotton ball or pom pom
* glue
* paint brush
* scissors
* old tin can ~*~ we used an old popcorn tin ~*~
* white paint ~*~ to prime before painting ~*~

Now, that you've gathered your supplies let's make your bunny tin :)

~1~ Go ahead and prime your tin can. Let dry.

~2~ Cut out the each of the templates for your bunny and trace onto the felt.

~3~ Now, cut the pattern from the felt and draw your bunnys face and paws.

~4~ Check to see if your tin can is dry; if it is dry go ahead and paint the can the color that you chose. Let dry. ~*~ Add second coat if necessary ~*~

~5~ Once your can has completely dried, glue the felt head onto the back of the can. The head should be sticking out above the can. Now, grab the paws and glue them to the front. Take your cotton ball and glue on the back of the can underneath of the bunny's head.

~*~ Optional: you can add a "Happy Easter" sign in your favorite felt color ~*~

~6~ Add Easter grass and other trinkets inside of the can. 

~7~ Once your done put it on display for everyone to see :).

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