Friday, August 8, 2014

Easy Peasy Teething Storage

We have several wipes containers sitting around the house doing nothing. In reality they're just there, they kind of take up space since we're not using them at the moment. The majority of them were given to us at our baby shower (which we were very grateful for), but we found that Baby E HATES and I mean HATES a cold wipe. So, we bought a wipe warmer for her and that's where the majority of her wipes go.

With all of them just sitting around I felt that I could use them for something, anything. Then it dawned on me when I was grabbing one of Baby E's teething toys out of the fridge. All of them were just sitting there on the shelf and I felt like they were not clean. Every time I'd go to give one back to her, I'd wash it off. Not like I already didn't wash them off after every use before going back in the fridge, but I felt like just like anything else they were picking up the fridge odors.

So, I picked up one of the empty containers and washed it out. I also grabbed her toys and washed them again. As I waited for each to dry I decided to clean a small space in the fridge to place the container.

Once everything was dried, I placed her teething toys in the wipes container and placed it in it's place in the fridge.

Now, whenever we're looking for a toy we can just open up the container and grab one instead of always feeling like we have to re-wash before giving them to Baby E.

Here they are all snug in their little container in the refrigerator door. An easy access  for us when we need them and a place where they can stay clean versus picking up all the refrigerator odors and messes that sometimes occur in there.

Do you use your extra wipes containers or do you throw them away?

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