Monday, August 4, 2014

Em's 6 Month Favorites

Baby E has seriously grown up! I cannot believe that she's 7 month's old now, time has seriously flown by. It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital waiting for our turn for a c-section. Anyways, Baby E still plays quite a bit with her toys from months prior, but these items have started really stick when it comes to play time. We've even ventured into play with items around the home... you know paper (LOVES PAPER), crinkly bags (she's supervised... no worries), the dogs (poor things).... however, here are a few things that she's really started to enjoy. 

COSCO Cosco Beep beep Walker Bumper Gals    Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Click N' Learn Remote Fisher-Price Lil Laugh 'n Learn Jumperoo
Cosco Beep Beep WalkerFisher Price Laugh and Learn RemoteFisher Price Lil' Laugh and Learn Jumperoo

I think the thing she enjoys the most besides these toys is just being outdoors in her exersaucer. We have one specifically for when we go out and she loves to play in it out in the shade. It just seems to make her day when we're able to go out and play. 

Does your 6 month old have any favorite toys or activities? Share below we'd love to hear!

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