Friday, August 1, 2014

Our Bath Time Favorites - For those First Few Months

When our daughter was born we were not able to give her a traditional bath for several months. For the first couple of months every other night we would give her a sponge bath over the sink. Mostly because she had a cast on one of her legs and it was easier to wash her body avoiding the cast then wrap her up to wash her hair. All over the kitchen sink.

Now, when she finally got her cast off we were able to give her a bath in her baby tub. And of course we made this into a huge bath party. My husband and I went out and bought her a new towel (we didn't have the hooded towels at that point) and a few bath toys.

After everything our little girl ABSOLUTELY loves bath time now and at times we can't even get her out of the tub without a little fuss.

So, with that here are our favorite bath items:

Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash - 28 oz. Munchkin - Squirtin' Lake Buddies, 10-PackThe First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub - Pink Circo® Newborn Girls' Stripes and Hearts Hooded Towel - Pink Circo® Newborn Girls' 3 Pack Wash Cloth and Owl Scrubbie - Pink  Circo® Newborn Girls' 6 Pack Assorted Washcloth Set

We also use the little brush that was given to us from the hospital when we wash her hair and an old cup to rinse her off. We've been looking into a faucet cover since she's become such a mover and always wants to try and stand when we're washing her. I just haven't decided on whether or not I'd like the Munchkin Elephant Spout or the Puj Elephant Spout

What are your bath time favorites?

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