Friday, August 8, 2014

Ours and Em's Teething Favorites

Right now Baby E is teething like crazy. It hasn't been as rough as people have told us; but it's been hard. There again is parenting ever easy? For example, a lot of people kept telling us that she'll be staying up all night, crying all day, never eating, etc. Honestly, we're still sleeping at our normal times and some days we're fussy and others we're not. But hey, who isn't? I know I can be a grump some days.

Anyways, here are some of Baby E's favorite items while we enjoy this momentous time waiting for the arrival of her teeth :).

Baby Orajel Fast Teething Swabs Pain Relief, .06 fl ozMam Mini Cooler & Clip - Blister (2 Months +) Nuby IcyBite Hard/Soft Keys Teether

Sassy Firefly Water-Filled Teethers

Of course, she also enjoys chewing on her fingers and ours, as well as chewing on her bibs, and a washcloth. She's not to keen on the whole frozen washcloth, but she does like to chew on a wet one. So, she mainly gets that at bath time.  

What are your babies favorite teething items?

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