Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh, Baby Tub

As I told you in my welcome post, you may see several post that have the "twodaisiesandanelephant" logo in them. This is one of them. I had prepared it for my previous blog, but since I decided to change everything it is now here :). 

When Baby E started to figure out how to stand up in the baby bath tub we knew we were screwed. Literally. We would tell her "no" and sit her back down. She'd laugh. Then give me the look. Kind of like "HAHA Mama, you know I'm going to do it again!" And of course she would. Then laugh.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub - Pink
Our Baby Bath Tub
First Years Sure Comfort

So, we tried a baby seat. She figured out how to scoot out of that one and climb up the side of the tub. We would once again tell her "no" and sit her back down. She would once again laugh. Give me the look. And do it again.

Our Bath Seat
The Hug Tub

Once, this started happening we would pretty much end the baths either really quickly... you know get down to business and get out OR we would have to sit in the tub with her to keep her from attempting to stand. Let me just say it's really uncomfortable even with a baby in a tight tub. I always felt squished. 

So, one night while perusing Pinterest... I do that a lot once Baby E is down for the count... I found this nifty little idea about using a laundry basket in the tub. When I saw that, a light bulb went off. That was probably one of the coolest ideas I've seen on there. 
After thinking about it, I realized we only have one laundry basket... So either I needed to be ridiculously prompt regarding our clothes or I needed to go buy one. Then I thought about the fact that I would possibly need to put a lot of water in their to honestly make it work for her. As much as we LOVE bath time at her age, we don't really need a lot of water. 

I then dismissed the idea.

About a week later, I was going through our front room. Organizing and throwing things out. When I came across a storage bin. It was just sitting there without a top on and it was like once again a light bulb went off. I could use this as a tub! It would be a tad bit harder for her to stand up and it could be easily reused without having to worry about having to keep switching/drying with the laundry basket. Plus, we could put the needed amount of water for Baby E.

All we had to do was rinse it out. Cause it was a little dirty from the stuff that was in there. Then it was on.

I just placed it under the faucet, filled it up with the desired amount of water. Placed her baby seat within it... for comforts sake and added her toys. Clean up was a breeze too. Once she was off to bed, I would wash it out and lay it up against the inside of the tub to dry. Then we could use it the next day without any fuss. She seemed to enjoy it and it worked like a charm for almost a couple of months. Until she figured out how to stand up in that too.

And it was back to the beginning of laughing at us. Until she all of a sudden would start crying when we told her "no"... Oh, Baby E.

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