Thursday, July 24, 2014

A "Mini" Closet Re-Do

As my daughters clothes began to fill her closet to the brim, literally. So, since I felt like it was an unorganized cluster of a mess I decided to rearrange a little bit and make her closet a little more useful. 


With that, I moved her clothes to her larger closet... you're probably thinking two closets, really?!?!... oh yeah, this child has two closets. Has never made sense to me on why you need two closets in a room, but hey... it somewhat comes in handy. Below is another shot of her "mini" closet.


Once I cleared out her closet, I grabbed her bookshelf and placed it in there. Now, that she's gotten older she's decided that everything is a climbing toy and with her doing so... I started to become a little freaked out that she would pull the bookcase down on her.

After, I had moved the bookcase into her "mini" closet it seemed kind of pointless to keep the door closed. And as you may have noticed in the above photos the two doors kind of butt into each other. Plus, Em likes to take her bedroom door and push it open as hard as she can... which usually leads to the bedroom door slamming into the closet door and then leaving marks. Also, it started to dawn on me... How was she going to play with her toys? With all those thoughts going through my mind, I decided to take the closet door off.


It literally opened up the room. Her room doesn't seem closed off anymore with a thousand doors. It seems like a normal room with just an open space.

Here's her room with the "mini" closet door closed.


Here's the area once I removed the doors and what not. It's so much better. Now, I just need to fill in the areas where the hinges were. But for now... the holes will stay and the memories of watching my daughter playing in her "area" will last forever.

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