Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Baby Pool Needs A Cover Up Too!

When we bought the baby pool, I didn't quite think about needing a cover for it. It was a complete after thought. So, when the time came to cover up the pool I had nothing. Not even a tarp.

So, I tried a bed sheet. That lasted a hot minute and completely didn't work. Plus, I swear it felt like mold was already growing on it. Just touching the pool.

I used it anyways. Then decided to use a comforter since we were already using it as a mat on the deck under the pool. All I had to do was fold up the sides and what not. It worked. Until it rained.

Now, who knows why I did this BUT I decided to take the shower curtain from the upstairs and move it down stairs. It gave me the opportunity to take the hideous shower curtain down and the weird lining. Then it dawned on me. Why don't I just use the shower curtain.

And it works like a charm. A simple inexpensive way to cover up the pool. I even LOVE it.

Even the shower curtain liner works just as well.

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