Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rainy Day Fun --- Flour Play Dough

Since it's been raining/thundering/lightening/hailing around our house these last few days I decided that we needed to do something different. Literally. Baby E was getting completely bored... exersaucer, walker, mama, toys, and pulling the doggies ears just wasn't cutting it anymore.

So, I grabbed a few items out of the cabinet and decided to concoct something. I mostly noticed that we had barely any flour left in one of our bags... so I thought "hey, why not use it up" and I did.

Here's what I used:

~ a cup of flour
~ 1/3 cup of water (started out with a 1/4, but that wasn't enough)

Then I just dumped the flour into a bowl added the water slowly, mixing while I went and VOILA a flour ball.

Once, I got the consistency that I liked; I gave the flour ball to Baby E and let her have at it :).

She wasn't quite sure at first and then....

We played and we lifted...

And squished and pulled it...

We even ate it. I don't have any pictures on that one cause I kept pulling it out of her mouth ;).

Do you guys have any other great ideas we can use on a rainy day?

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