Monday, July 28, 2014

Em's 5 Month Favorites

I cannot believe Baby E is 6 month's old, time has seriously flown by! Baby E has seriously grown into something else. Watching her everyday playing with her toys and exploring everything around her has truly been amazing. She's really started getting into the majority of her toys that we gave her around Christmas and some that were given to us at the baby shower.

Looking back here are her favorite toys over the past month.

Bright Starts - Pretty in Pink Entertain & Grow SaucerFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy Rhino Toys Oball - 4" Sassy Ring RattleJust One You by Carters Elephant Ring Rattle Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Rattle & Shake Barbell
Bright Starts Stroller Toys - Lots of Links     

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink ExersaucerFisher Price Laugh & Learn PuppyRhino Toys OballSassy Ring RattleJust One You Elephant Ring RattleBright Starts Pretty in Pink RattleLots of Links

These are several of her favorite toys as of right now. There are quite a few more. The majority of them she's had for awhile, but is just now getting into them. So if you do see some that have spilled from a month before it's because she's growing into them.

Does your little one have a favorite toy at this age?

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