Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sweet Summertime - Em's Summer Necessities

Summer is full swing... at least for us :). It used to be when Memorial Weekend would hit, we'd celebrate my birthday or celebrate the start of pool season. However, lately the way the weather's been... it's kind of hard to jump in the pool when the water is FREEZING. Who likes cold water? Not this girl.

Now, that Summer has officially started... let's celebrate with a few of our favorite essentials for Baby E.

~*~ Here are a few of Baby E's swim essentials ~*~

Saving money with a swim diaper. This honestly pays for itself and comes in several cute patterns! We bought this since we live further out from those big box stores and clearly don't feel like paying $15 on swim diapers down the street or having to order and wait. So, we bought this and it's already paid for itself!

iPlay® Infant Toddler Ultimate Swim Diaper - White

Adorable Swimsuits!

And of course, you CANNOT Forget The Sunscreen! 

Coppertone WaterBABIES Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion Set with SPF 50  - 2 Pack

You can get any sunscreen at your local stores, this brand is just our personal preference... whatever works for you and your baby is perfect! 

We also have a baby pool that we picked up from WalMart and use a variety of toys of hers.

Do you guys have any favorite or necessary swim items for your little one? We'd love to hear!

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