Friday, July 18, 2014

Em's Bed Time Favorites (The Almost One Year Old Version)

Baby E has had a pretty good bed time routine since she was about a month old. The girl LOVES to sleep... she's her daddy to a "T". Within her routine we have several items that we use to comfort her at night especially with her shoes.

At night, we usually give Baby E a bath prior to her bottle and bed. Then after her bath we usually will place a little lotion on her skin... it's so dry in our house and we want to make it absolutely comfortable for her. Hey, who likes having dry skin... I know we don't. Then we place her in her sleep and play and her shoes and it's off to a bottle before bed.

When we're done with her bottle we usually will check her and change her. Giving her lot's of kisses for night time. In her crib is her sleeper which she mostly sleeps in to ensure she's warm but also to ensure that she doesn't hit her self with her shoes ~ she's tried before. 

We then turn on everything else. Her elephant humidifier gets turned on, as well as her musical seahorse and light up bear. She absolutely loves each of them and is mesmerized by the seahorse. Thank goodness for Christmas presents!

Her favorite things are listed below:

Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse - Pink    Pillow Pets Dream Lites - Bear    Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - Elephant
 Johnson's Baby Lotion Original - 9 oz. JUST ONE YOU  Made by Carters ® Newborn Girls' Flower Sleepbag - White/Pink Just One You™ by Carter's® Newborn Girls' Sleep N' Play - White/Green

Johnson's Baby LotionJust One You Sleep SackJust One You Sleep & Play

She truly enjoys each of these and they have truly become lifesavers at night. We'll even take the the seahorse and the light up bear with us wherever we go when we know we'll be out late. 

Do your little ones have any bedtime favorites? Share them we'd LOVE to know!

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