Saturday, July 12, 2014

Easy Flag Holder for the Front Door

I've always been at a loss how I could hang up some of my extra flags for holidays when I don't have a wreath. So, as I was walking around the yard I noticed the umpteen thousand sticks in the yard just lying around - they would be extremely useful instead of just hanging around the yard. 

When it finally dawned on me that I could use one of them to hang my extra flags up... I grabbed as many as I could. I then laid them on my kitchen counter to see which one would work perfectly... at least lengthwise. 

Now, your probably thinking okay... this is a Halloween flag and we're in July. Well, as I've started this blog I've gone back through majority of my pictures and have found ones that I've done and just want to share with everyone :).

Anyways, after figuring out which stick would work perfectly with my flag I placed the flag onto the stick and tried to center it the best that I could. Once, it was centered to my liking I grabbed some balloon ribbon and tied it to both ends of the stick. I then lightly tied it on one end and to the door knocker. This way I could easily interchange when I wanted to.
It gives our door a little simplistic feel especially when I don't have a wreath to place on my door. Plus, it lets me make use of all my other flags that I love without having to remember to keep interchanging everything or figure out which one I really want to put out.

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