Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Game of Keys

I decided to change over my previous blog to this blog. You can still find me over a at However, most of my blog posts from there will be transferred over to this one. So, at times you may see the "twodaisiesandanelephant" logo going across many of the photos. No worries, it is me. I promise.

Every time I go to open up my front door, I can never tell which key is which. It's almost like a game. I have to feel out the numbers and the letters to know which one goes to the back door and which one goes to the front door. Sadly, the only key that I know doesn't go to this house is the key to my mama's house which has a rubber thing around it.

So, since I was tired of playing the game every time I came home. I decided to paint my keys.

First, I tried it with nail polish as seen here on A Bubbly Life; I saw them on several boards on Pinterest. Now, I didn't quite like the way the keys were looking with the nail polish, so I decided to use my acrylic paint to paint them. The acrylic paint gave it a little bit more of a vibrant look.

Here's the first with the nail polish:

Then with the acrylic paint:

Alrighty, now that I can actually tell which key goes to which door. Let me explain to you how I did it.

It's pretty much like the directions with the nail polish. I had to clean my keys first since when my husband takes my keys they come back dirty. I've asked several times how and never get a straight answer. Who knows. Anyways...

* I grabbed some dried wipes from one of Baby E's wipe containers and wet them to re-moisture them (It mysteriously showed up upstairs... I guess it's from her days of sleeping in the bassinet?)

* I then dried them off with a paper towel and grabbed a few of my paints.

* I found that one paint brush worked WAY better than the others, so I stuck with this one as I painted each.

* The worse part was the drying. Having to wait for each side to dry felt like FOREVER!

* Once both sides dried I added them to my key chain.

Now I just have to go out before I can use them again! Hopefully the Game of Keys is over... but there again who knows? 

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