Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Nightly Favorites --- For The First Few Months

~*~ I want to address this immediately before anyone blasts me for having a blanket in my daughters bassinet. This was mostly for her at night to support her legs. Right from the get go and I mean at the hospital get go, she was casted and had surgery; this provided us with the opportunity to keep the swelling at the minimum and was OKAY'D by her doctors. ~*~

Alrighty, since hopefully I possibly cleared that up without being fussed at (we were fussed at A LOT by family members); Baby E loved sleeping with a pacifier. This was probably the only thing that calmed her down during those rough nights --- not very many, but the nights that she was swollen we would have a tough time no matter what. This is were her blanket would usually come in... to help support her little legs.

The rest of the time we would swaddle her and rock her. She absolutely loved this. Majority of the time she'd fall asleep and we'd place her in her little bassinet and she'd sleep for the night. Now, back to the rough night's... for those sometimes we'd place her in her swing for part of the time. This also helped us prop her leg completely up.

With that, here are our favorite nightly things during those first few months:

Philips Avent BPA-Free Contemporary Freeflow Pacifier ( 0-6 Months)   Delta Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, White Circo Valboa Big Dottie Blanket
Tiddliwinks Sweet Safari 4pk Receiving Blankets Storkcraft - Bowback Glider Rocker and Ottoman Espresso Finish, Beige Cushions

Did you have any favorite nightly items during the first few months?

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